May 08, 2009

OCAD Thesis Project:
Organic Canada identifies and promotes Canadian produce that meets the new national organic standards being implemented in the summer of 2009. 
This project involved generating a name, logo, and materials for an awareness campaign.

My final logo is composed of an organic apple, a maple leaf and a dinner plate. These different shapes become more apparent after multiple viewings. Both the English and the French fit comfortably and with equal visual importance. The logo is meant to have both a contemporary and lasting style. 

The typeface I used for this logo and all of its applications was made in Canada. Preface was designed in 2003 by Nick Shinn, RGD. Shinn has lived in Toronto since 1976.

The actual proposed logo and the organic standards document are available here.


  1. Would love to see more of this project and the process online. Your exhibit at OCAD+ really stood out.

  2. Wow! Strong work Allison! Good choice of colours. I like the apple idea with the maple leaf. Simple and effective. I understand why the National Post thought likewise.